Sunday, March 4, 2007

Vista ad with MacBook

A Vista ad i saw at Microcenter, I just thought it was kind of funny that they decided to use a mac in the ad.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

What it's really like to switch to a Mac

Poke around the net for a while searching for information on what it’s like to switch to a Mac, and you’ll quickly get a face full of hyperbole, zealots, platform bigots, feature weenies, and naysayers - from both the Windows and Mac camps. But there are precious few places to get an honest word about what it’s like to switch...

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One of the Most Underused Mac OS X Feature: Summarize

One of the most hidden, yet very valuable features in Mac OS X is “Summarize”. It is a very self-explanatory feature that can be found in the services menu, which is itself a very underused part of OS X. It will summarize any length of text into a very accurate, cut down summary. Here is how to use it on OS X...

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